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I have personally created and launched several companies
each achieving 7 figure annual sales volumes
within 24 months of launch
without the need for outside financing.
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My name is Richard Burke. Over the years I have founded FIVE companies in different market segments that have grown to over $1,000,000 annual sales each in less than 2 years – all without the benefit of external financing.
20 years ago, I founded (and still operate) – an online print shop with e-commerce clients throughout Canada and the USA.

Now that I’m retired, I have time to work with a small number of clients who want to benefit from the knowledge and experience I have gathered over the years – both offline and online. Avoid common mistakes and get a competitive edge on the race to success – learning from the experience of others is often far quicker, less expensive, and more effective than trying to reinvent the wheel and “go it alone”.

With 50+ years as a “serial” entrepreneur including 20+ years as an e-commerce online vendor, you get the benefits of my experience with digital technology resources and both offline and online marketing tools that can simplify the way you work. Let me free up your time so you can focus on what’s most important to you. 

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These days – creating, revamping, or sprucing up a website is the most common conversation I have with potential clients.
Other popular topics include organizing and updating contact list information, email marketing, custom email addresses and signature blocks, graphic design, printed marketing material, and content creation for social media.

There is no “magic formula” or simple “push-button solution” for marketing your business.
If it was truly that simple, we would all be using it – and we’d all be rich!

I want to help you thrive and succeed – at a price you can afford.
Often, I suggest ideas, technology, tools, or resources that are free, or very low cost, to help you along your path to success.
It’s my way of earning your trust and loyalty.

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